Church and Art Network

Engaging the church with communities through the arts.
Engaging the church with the arts through arts leaders.

Church and Art Network (C+A) is a gathering of arts leaders who are extending our capacity to serve God and our communities, through our creative work, by sharing resources, making connections, and advocating together for the importance of our work to the church and the world.

God is a Creator, and the arts are a dynamic expression of his nature and ours as his image-bearers. Through the arts we learn and grow, share and help.

God has placed his people into a community called “the church,” which transcends individual local churches while working within them. God has gifted and called members of his church as artists and arts leaders, to serve him, his people, and his kingdom through their creative work.

As creative leaders, our effectiveness, joy, and impact will increase as we grow in our abilities, engage with others, and expand our reach.

Resources. Connections. Advocacy.

Why does C+A focus on arts leaders?

A leader is anyone who sees a need and takes action to meet it. A person might not have a forceful personality or leadership gifts but still heed the “call” to make things happen.

Although art is often created alone, structures are needed to present it to the world. Painters need galleries and novelists needs publishers just as much as actors need theatre companies and violinists need orchestras.

Most arts leaders were at one point lone artists who saw a need for a structure, and moved outside of their skills and comfort zones to start one, or build an existing one.

Artists working solo are well supported by other organizations and programs, including several C+A members. But today artists even have to be the “leaders” of their own careers – agents, publicists, and other professionals no longer do all artists need to advance their work.

Why focus on arts leaders in the church?

The church has a revived interest in the arts. The motivations vary, but the outcome is the same: the church is thinking about the arts and making new efforts to engage with them.

And the world needs the church’s faithful presence in the arts.

The ways are myriad in which individual local churches, Christian schools, or other faith-based organizations might choose to engage with the arts, and to engage through the arts with the world. But they will all require good leadership to succeed in their goals.

That’s where C+A comes in.

Through connecting leaders with each other; sharing ideas and successes and failures; making leader-friendly information and resources available; showing the depth and breadth of church-based arts activity around the world; speaking out for the importance of what we’re doing; and more, C+A supports those who are making things happen at the leading edge of the church and the arts.

Connections to encourage us.
Resources to guide us.
Advocacy to advance us.

Join us!

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